« If I Had Known »

Robert Dumont

By Dr. Robert Dumont
Samson Veterinary Clinic

March 30, 2016 – Losing an animal following an illness can be very painful. Even more so if his owner did not see fit to have it undergo medical examinations, which could (in some cases) prevent premature death.

I will always remember that customer who one day came to see me with his eight-year-old Labrador. It was a very good dog with an exemplary behavior. The animal had no more energy and showed a certain apathy. After examining it and carrying out tests, I found that the dog was suffering from prostate cancer.

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Rabbits 101

Lapin - Tête de lion

By François G. Cellier

March 27 2016 – In this Easter season, to adopt a rabbit or give or receive one, as a gift, is commonplace. However, it is sometimes better to stick to chocolate bunnies, on pain of regretting it bitterly.

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Lapins 101

Clapier 101 Lapins 3Par François G. Cellier

2 avril 2017 — En cette période pascale, adopter un lapin ou en offrir en cadeau est monnaie courante. Or, il vaut parfois mieux s’en tenir aux lapins en chocolat, sous peine de le regretter amèrement.

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The Unceasing Animal Cruelty

AbelMarch 25 2016 — The karma of a pet varies from one to the other.  After a succession of misfortunes, some get away from it in blowing with the wind, rather than against it. Others are unfortunately born at the wrong time and the wrong place. They suffer the consequences in more ways than one.

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Les aventures de Tissa (6)

Balinese,birmanese cat isolated on whitePar Louis-Claude Thibeault

24 mars 2016 — Les gens viennent et me disent que je suis belle et gentille. Il y en a un qui s’appelle Luc. C’est le meilleur ami de Johanne. Chaque fois qu’il me prend dans ses bras, il approche son gros nez de mon museau, puis il me donne un gros bec sur la truffe. Je ferme les yeux en espérant qu’il n’y en aura pas un deuxième. Mais il y en a toujours un deuxième et un troisième.

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What Your Pet Should Eat?


Robert DumontBy Dr. Robert Dumont
Clinique vétérinaire Samson

March 6, 2016 – Whether it is because the holiday season is getting near or of other circumstances, food developed specifically for animals, whether purchased at the vet or in a supermarket, should never be set aside. Nuggets and canned food contain the essential nutrients they need.

Whatever some people may say, an animal will never hold it against you because you serve it the same food every day. Thinking otherwise is to confuse human nature with that of our four-legged friends. In other words, we must be careful in interpreting their food preferences because the consequences could be harmful.

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Taming Separation Anxiety


Espace Chien 3By Amélie Bourdon
M.C.P. Specialist in canine behavior at Espace Chien
Member of the APDT Instructor and evaluator for the program « My Dog ​​HAS C.L.A.S.S. »

March 3 2016 – Your dog follows you everywhere in the house. It cannot bear your absence and barks when you leave home. This behavior may result in complaints from the neighbourhood. During your absence, if it is free as a bird in the house, the animal attacks the door or windows.

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