A Close Call for my cat

mimi-fait-la-pause-2September 16th, 2016 – Dear visitors, readers and friends,

I recently lived an extremely intense emotional charge. My cat Mimi, who was afflicted by chronic kidney disease, began to go badly. She was becoming increasingly amorphous, listless and absent. She did not answer my calls, whereas usually, she showed up as soon as I uttered her name.

Worrying Situation

Definitely, my pet was not on the go anymore.  I decided to take her to the DMV Veterinary Centre in Lachine. They examined her and collected blood samples for analysis. A little over half an hour later, I learned that the situation was “worrying”. In fact, her kidney values ​​had climbed to the ceiling. Not a minute to lose, have I said. We must bring back Mimi to the centre as soon as possible. There, she was put under intravenous fluid therapy.

Mimi was hospitalized for four days. I went to see her every day. Between my visits, treatments that were provided to her bore fruit, as she was getting better. However, veterinarians and service technicians explained that she did not eat enough. They fed her regularly, but did not get the expected success. The final option was to insert a gastric nasal tube to feed her, but it was not ideal, they told me.

So, I went to see her more often. It seems that my presence contributed giving her pep. However, she was not yet eating in sufficient quantity. After a while, I realized that I had to do something. With my finger, I gently put in her mouth some wet food. I recalled the old saying: “The end justifies the means.”

mimi-au-soleil-4-15-septembre-2016In Her Slippers

I brought back my cat home on September 9th. Every day, I give her subcutaneous fluids, an antibiotic liquid and an antacid that should help her recover. I follow closely the instructions that they gave me, hoping eventually that her condition will stabilize, and that I will get a better control of her destiny. Seven days have passed since she put on her  slippers. I must say that the situation is very encouraging. Although Mimi sleeps a lot, she is becoming again the kitten that I have known.

That being said, the last three weeks have been very difficult. I felt the same concern for my cat as it was a relative. Ridiculous to some, but whatever. I slept as best I could, sometimes living in a daze, hoping that my animal would get better. I then thought of pet owners in a similar situation, but who unfortunately not having the means to provide the care they need. Fortunately, I had the money needed for the medical care Mimi needed, regardless of the time left to spend together. Up to this day, I have kept quiet about this mishap for fear of being judged for the wrong reasons.


I confess candidly: I dreaded sooner or later this ordeal, knowing that the life of a pet is not eternal. No more than ours anyway. I was perfectly aware that distress was invading me and taking me into hostage. I knew that this would be my daily dish. Mimi is not my child, but she is a member of my family.

francois-cellierMy thanks go to the DMV Veterinary Centre. All those working there are animated by passion, whether veterinarians, technicians and support staff. My pet has been treated adequately. The professionalism shown by those who took care of her is outstanding. They all deployed energy and skill that a customer is entitled to expect. I quickly felt comfortable with them, realizing that Mimi was in good hands.

Everyone kept smiling. They called me every day to give me her most recent blood results. Two days after my cat was back home, a technician called me to find out how she was. I want to express my gratitude. At the very end, Mimi would extend her life, but also prolong the unspeakable pleasure I feel to be with her.

François G. Cellier
Animal reality

Photos 1 and 2: Mimi
Photo 3: François G. Cellier

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