Patrick Larrivée: Painting The Very Essence

January 5th, 2018 — With the Holidays coming to an end, I would like to acknowledge once more the undeniable talent of Patrick Larrivée, Animal Artist. At the beginning of December, he painted a portrait of Torpille, my spouse’s deceased cat.

Patrick Larrivée delivered far beyond our expectations. I recently wrote an article explaining, essentially, how he managed to get such compelling results, which technique he was using to paint with such striking realism, and how he managed to master the light that brightens our eyes.

Won Over

When I picked up the painting he had promised me, I was won over. I told myself that France could only love it. What am I saying? She adored it! I recently told Patrick Larrivée that his talent is unique; that a gift of that magnitude should only be used wisely. That’s exactly was he is doing and he makes it seem so effortless.

Talent is one thing, but work is another. One must work very hard and fine-tune his technique to achieve a high level of excellence. That’s what Patrick Larrivée did for a number of years. Little by little, this artist polished his style, perfected the intention and emotions needed to give his paintings a soul. Today, he delivers the goods and arouses enthusiasm.

The Intrinsic Fiber

No need to be an expert in acrylic on canvas to know whether or not the final result reached the intrinsic fiber inside of us, created enough sparks to break through indifference, awakened our intellect, called for reflection, excited our senses, filling our heart with wonder. Without exaggerating, I can say that’s precisely how I felt at the sight of Patrick Larrivée’s, version of Torpille.

If your love for animals is unconditional and you would like to immortalize those you will forever love, you should know that a good painting makes a great gift that appears out of nowhere. This painting is priceless, except that it reaches the very essence leading to what really matters, where the truth lies, shines with authenticity and makes no compromise.

Happy New Year!
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François G. Cellier
Réalité Animale