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By François G. Cellier

March 27 2016 – In this Easter season, to adopt a rabbit or give or receive one, as a gift, is commonplace. However, it is sometimes better to stick to chocolate bunnies, on pain of regretting it bitterly.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Montreal) reminds us that each year it shelters some 300 rabbits. “Many are left in the months following the Easter holiday”, said a press release the SPCA put online lately.

ABC Rabbit

To address this issue, the SPCA has offered a free workshop on March 25th and 26th, to enable interested people to become acquainted with the “wonderful world of bunnies.” Participants were able to learn the ABC of the behavior of this animal and its needs.

“The demand for rabbits is up at this time of year,” says Richard Chicoine, co-owner of Clapier 101 Lapins, where dwarf rabbits are bred. Some people want to adopt a rabbit for the right reasons, while others do it without knowing what it entails.

“Frivolous buyers are easy to detect because they do not really care for the breeding conditions of a rabbit, or their need to live in an adequate environment. Most of them drop out when they learn that I sell my rabbits $ 85 each. They must be sterilized when they are six months old and fed with high-quality food, “says Richard Chicoine.

A Big Order

Some time ago, a lady contacted him to buy four rabbits. She wanted to give them, as gifts, to his four children. “I immediately called upon her to realize that such acquisition involves numerous responsibilities. Be aware that a rabbit can live ten years on average,” insists Richard Chicoine. The latter provides all his clients with a transition kit, a health record and vaccinates all rabbits.

Delicious chocolate easter eggs and sweets on wooden background

According to him, a breeder has a duty to inform the general public, in all circumstances, of the consequences of adopting an animal. “Not only at Easter and Christmas,” he says. Same story at the veterinary clinic Samson, where the sense of responsibility for animals is indisputable. “Unfortunately, some people associate the rabbits to a comic strip. A few months after buying, they hand them over to the SPCA, “says Dr. Geneviève Rosseel, veterinarian.

Before acquiring a rabbit, a prospective purchaser must consider if he is ready to take care of it for many years. He must also know what the needs of that animal are, particularly in terms of space and exercise. “We are accountable and responsible for all the animals we adopt,” says Geneviève Rosseel. Therefore, acquiring an animal cannot be taken lightly. You’d better know before diving.

Photo 1: Courtesy of Clapier 101 Lapins
Photo 2: Dollar Photo Club/Brebca

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