What Your Pet Should Eat?


Robert DumontBy Dr. Robert Dumont
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March 6, 2016 – Whether it is because the holiday season is getting near or of other circumstances, food developed specifically for animals, whether purchased at the vet or in a supermarket, should never be set aside. Nuggets and canned food contain the essential nutrients they need.

Whatever some people may say, an animal will never hold it against you because you serve it the same food every day. Thinking otherwise is to confuse human nature with that of our four-legged friends. In other words, we must be careful in interpreting their food preferences because the consequences could be harmful.

Beware of manipulation. Throughout its life, a dog behaves like a two-year old. We are aware that kids test their parents. Dogs do the same with their master. Therefore, giving in to their whims for food can become a puzzle. Also, know that a dog that does not want to eat its food should live with it, unless it is ill, which could explain why it has lost its appetite. Otherwise, when it really is hungry, it will eventually eat it.

The Recipes

That being said, people who wish to offer their dog a diet similar to their own should pay attention to them. It is necessary that the animal can benefit from a well-balanced diet. For example, if it eats an overdose of vitamin D, it may lead to bone dystrophy. Conversely, a vitamin E deficiency can cause death of young dogs.

You must be aware that to become a nutritionist for its dog is extremely complex. That being said, some owners who can spare the time will want to develop recipes for their pet. The trouble is that they do not always know how to elaborate balanced food.

All this to say, as regards food, the rule of common sense prevails. Unless you are an experienced nutritionist for pets, you’d better focus on traditional food, even though small exceptions (small amount of leftovers without bones) will not necessarily be damaging. To make sure your pet enjoys optimal health condition, you must avoid complicating your life. In so doing, you will prevent unfortunate events  causing problems you would not wish to anyone.

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