A Baltic Life-Jacket for your Cat

CapitaineDecember 12, 2015 — Welfare of animals is refined continuously, more particularly that of dogs and cats. Day after day, the animal planet broadens its scope in their respect, thereby bringing about innovative solutions for their well-being.

Relevant evidence is Baltic, a Swedish company that makes life-jackets for humans and dogs. A few years ago, it decided to broaden its field of activity in order to satisfy another type of customers, cats.

Looking for a life-jacket for your cat

Two people whom I know well were looking for life jackets for their cats. They are passionate about Balinese cats considered among the most intelligent living on this earth.  In week-ends, they bring along their cats to their country home and even go boating with them.

But now, their investigations on the Internet yielded nothing, until they discovered that a Swedish company named Baltic has been manufacturing life-jackets for cats these past years. Several companies are developing such products for dogs. Those of you reading me now who know other companies making life-jackets for cats, please notify me.

An innovation

Baltic has rightly decided to innovate in this area, to meet a growing demand for cat vests. Just as those designed for dogs, these products adapt to the position of cats in water, in the event they fall into it voluntarily or accidentally. We can get them out of a difficult position much more easily.

“These jackets are very popular in Europe, where thousands of people live on boats during the summer season. Often these boats are docked at a marina or are in a channel. However, many of those who frequent these places are dog owners, but also cat owners”, says Alex Bigwood representative and distributor of Baltic in North America.

Be aware that in a marina or a channel, there is virtually no way for an animal to come out of the water. In such a situation, it finds himself in a state of panic, which could cause him more or less serious injuries. The animal that is equipped with such a vest can keep its head above water, but more importantly, his master can intervene before it is too late.

Multiple Harnesses

Baltic 1These life-jackets must be equipped with one or more harnesses, which are used to get the animal out of the water, either with one’s hand, using a pole (if the boat or pontoon is too high) or any other suitable instrument. During the manoeuver, the harness adjusts to the position of the animal in the air. The risks of strangulation are none since the harness is so designed to prevent such event from occurring.

Baltic life-jackets can also be used as a winter dog coat. When the mercury reaches – 100 or less, most dogs need to be covered if they go outside. These vests have an half-inch thickness, but the “revolutionary” foam which they contain confers to them an insulation equivalent to three inches thickness. In short, they are very comfortable and undoubtedly insure the well-being of animals.

For those interested in this product, click on this link and learn more about Baltic life saving vests.

François G. Cellier
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