The Unceasing Animal Cruelty


By François G. Cellier

March 25 2016 — The karma of a pet varies from one to the other.  After a succession of misfortunes, some get away from it in blowing with the wind, rather than against it. Others are unfortunately born at the wrong time and the wrong place. They suffer the consequences in more ways than one.

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Taming Separation Anxiety


Espace Chien 3By Amélie Bourdon
M.C.P. Specialist in canine behavior at Espace Chien
Member of the APDT Instructor and evaluator for the program “My Dog ​​HAS C.L.A.S.S.”

March 3 2016 – Your dog follows you everywhere in the house. It cannot bear your absence and barks when you leave home. This behavior may result in complaints from the neighbourhood. During your absence, if it is free as a bird in the house, the animal attacks the door or windows.

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